ME THE TIGER - New Video "Never Said I"  

Me The Tiger are in the studio right now to record a new album to be released later this year! Meanwhile we are happy to present a great video for the song "Never Said I", taken from their album Vitriolic.  

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Funker Vogt - Navigator Collector´s Edition - OUT NOW!

Watch the great video trailer for the limited Navigator Collector`s Edition and be quick to order your copy here:







Funker Vogt - Navigator Collector´s Edition - OUT on 10.02.2017

This beautiful Collector's Edition comes in a 2 CD + 1 DVD digipak, containing the following releases: "Navigator", "Fallen Hero", "Killing Ground" plus several bonus tracks and a DVD with the complete historic live-show "Funker Vogt live at the Kinetik Festival 2008”, the official “Fallen Hero” video-clip and 2 digitally remastered making-of videos.


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funker navigator FACEBOOKsmall



NOVAkILL - New Single & Video - OUT on 29.07.2016

"headON" is the second single taken from the album (D)ANGER.

The single contains 2 versions of "headON" plus 2 additional songs. 



Watch the aggressive video-clip!


HEADon Icon400


1. headON (recon)

2. headON

3. SLOWjoy







NOVAkILL return with their fourth and strongest album, (D)ANGER.
More than six years in the making, this album represents the biggest leap forward

in the band’s 20 year history. Every song is a potential single, from the haunting

gone to the stompin’ dancefloor fodder of Zombie Killerz. This is high powered

EBM of the highest order, with a Punk edge that makes it truly Cyberpunk…. 


Watch the great lyric video for the lead single "ZOMBIEkillerz":






02 headON


04 WEAPONSfree

05 ZOMBIEkillerz

06 warISaDRUG




10 SUICIDEride






ME THE TIGER - New digital EP "Ariana" - Out on 03.06.2016 



"Ariana" is the second hit single taken from the selftitled debut "Me The Tiger".
The EP contains the hit-single "Ariana" and several powerful remixes, accompanied

by a fantastic and disturbing video-clip.




ME THE TIGER Ariana cover



1 Ariana (Album Version)

2 Ariana (Mars TV Remix)

3 Ariana (Neutrophic Remix)

4 Ariana (Tobias The Tiger Remix)

5 Ariana (Second System Remix)

6 Ariana (LEHNBERG Remix)

7 Ariana (NORAK Remix)

8 Ariana (Mindquake Remix)

9 Ariana (Martin Moral Remix) 



ME THE TIGER - Re-release debut-album  


On Friday 29.04.2016 the re-release of the self-titled debut-album „Me The Tiger“

will be available as CD and digital release in all relevant stores.




Me The Tiger Me The Tiger web



01. Ariana

02. Pocket Sized Edition Ending

03. Everything I Am

04. Slottet

05. Ambulance Disco Light

06. The End

07. Something

08. All We Had 

09. Borlänge




ME THE TIGER - New EP & Video-Clip - Out now!





The new EP „Pocket Sized Edition Ending“ including several remixes

is available in all relevant online-stores on Friday 01.04.2016.


Have a look at the great video-clip!







We are happy to announce some new releases:

ME THE TIGER Pocket Sized Edition Ending web  Me The Tiger Me The Tiger web

01.04.2016 „Pocket Sized Edition Ending“ EP, including several cool remixes and video-clip

29.04.2016  Re-release of the self-titled debut-album „Me The Tiger“ (available on CD for the first time)

Further details will follow soon.

ME THE TIGER - New Single - Out now!!



The new single “As We Really Are” including several remixes
and a new video is available on Friday 30.10.2015 in all relevant
Check it out!
AsWeReallyAre Front

ME THE TIGER - New Album - Out Now!


The new album “Vitriolic” is now available in all relevant stores.


MeTheTiger Vitriolic front2



ME THE TIGER - New Single - New Video

The new single “What Promises Are Worth” including several remixes
is now available in all relevant online-stores.
Check it out!

ME THE TIGER - Video premiere on
On Thursday 06.08.2015 the new video-clip What Promises Are Worth
has its premiere on Swedish magazine GAFFA
The new single What Promises Are Worth” including several remixes
is available on Friday 07.08.2015 in all relevant online-stores.
Check it out!
WhatPromisesAreWorth Artwork
New Artist on RepoRecords


RepoRecords extends a warm welcome to ME THE TIGER !



07.08.2015 “What Promises Are Worth” - Online-EP

04.09.2015 “Vitriolic” - Album-CD 

More details coming soon...



3 New Live Dates - UK Debut
Children of Fate,
We are pleased to announce that on Sunday, June 14th SEPTEMBER MOURNING
will collect souls in the UK at Download Festival.
For 2 more dates see below:
September Mourning UK Live

New 3 CD Limited Digipak - Release Date: 27.06.2014
FUNKER VOGT - Survivor Collector´s Edition
Survivor is one of the most important releases of the cult band Funker Vogt, and finally it is available
again on CD. The Collector's Edition comes in a 3 CD digipak, containing the following releases: Survivor,
RevivorDate of ExpirationRed Queen (feat. Joke Jay of And One) plus divers bonus material, rare and
unreleased tracks. Completed by a detailed booklet with all original artworks and for the first time including all
lyrics. Altogether 42 tracks can be found on this 3 CD Collector's Edition, presenting everything a fan would ask for.
Especially for new and younger fans of Funker Vogt this is a good chance to complete their collection. 

webFunkerVogt survivor collectors-front

Order your copy here:



We are very happy to announce that Noblesse Oblige have just released a new video for their song Voices In My Head”, directed by Chris Corner (IAMX). The track appears on their current album Affair of the Heartwhich was recorded at IAMX’s Turmwerk Studio in Berlin.


SEPTEMBER MOURNING Live in Europe 2014
In June 2014 September Mourning will play at Download Festival
in Donington Park, UK. More Dates in Europe to follow....
dld 280114
NOBLESSE OBLIGE Chasing Shadows - New official video
As a special surprise Noblesse Oblige release their very cool Alex Berlin TV performance of
"Chasing Shadows" as official video. Have a look at this gorgeous "Dreampop-Anthem":

Now available as a single download with remixes by
Stabil Elite and Aniaetleprogrammeur.

Mata Hari Remix Single


Out Now! New Album!        




NOBLESSE OBLIGE Mata Hari - New official video
On the road to their new album "Affair Of The Heart" (release date 24.05.2013)
Noblesse Oblige present the outstanding new official video "Mata Hari":

New Album! Release Date: 24.05.2013       



 CD AlbumCover credit THOMAS PETERweb

Pulsating with raw passion and a desire for anthemic melodies, Berlin based Noblesse Oblige have crafted their most
polished and unapologetic work to date.
New album release 'Affair of the Heart' presents a sophisticated pop opus, destined to unite the ears of dance floor
dreamers and bedroom escapists alike. Powerful male & female harmonies melt over an ocean of warm electronics,
voluptuous dance floor beats and euphoric disco arpeggios, as you’re welcomed into a rich fantasy world of exotic spies,
demonic preachers and lonely souls lost at sea… 

New Single! Release Date: 26.04.2013

Watch the new video (directed by Chris Corner)
NOBLESSE OBLIGE present the first single "RUNAWAY" (including a music video directed by Chris Corner) from their
forthcoming album "AFFAIR OF THE HEART".
"RUNAWAY" recalls the emotional energy of iconic 80s bands like Eurythmics, Tears for Fears and Depeche Mode,
whilst also reaching out to fans of contemporary synthpop artists like Hurts, The Knife and IAMX.
1. Runaway (Original)
2. Velvet Condom Remix
3. Electrosexual Remix
4. Lars Moston Remix 
5. Midnight Mix


September Mournig - Featured in official TNA-Wrestling commercial video-clip for "Hardcore Justice 2012" with new and exclusive song and new video-clip:
When the guys from TNA-Wrestling heard about the long awaited debut album "Melancholia" from September Mourning,
TNA president Dixie Carter immediately contacted Emily Lazar and her band and asked if they can contribute a new and
exclusiv song to their upcoming wrestling pay per view main event called "Hardcore Justice 2012".
The commercial for TNA-Wrestling is screened now world wide featuring September Mourning's new and exclusive song
"Before the Fall" and will inlcude also pieces of band footage from their new unreleased videoclip.
It is an exclusive song and it will be only released digitally.
A full video-clip with more band-footage will follow in August.

"Melancholia" - The debut-album of September Mourning available all over Europe now!




September Mourning "Lost Angels" Hit-Single now available in all online-stores! Buy on iTunes. 


"Melancholia" - The album teaser trailer "The Legend Of The Skullfly"


New CD "Melancholia" - The debut album of September Mourning - (May 18th 2012)

 homepagebild Kopie


RepoRecords heartily welcomes its new signing "September Mourning". L.A. based musician Emily Lazar started her project "September Mourning" in cooperation with Marc Silvestri/ Top Cow Comics. "September Mourning" is the creation of a universe. It is not a band, it is a story... a fantasy with a musical element intertwined within its world. The guitar driven force of hard rock and metal marries the sweep and grandeur of dramatic lyricism and melodic vocals on the debut album "Melancholia". It encompasses a storyline driven by dark culture fantasy art and will be released on May 18th.

Read more about "September Mourning" in our artist section.



 SeptemberMourning Melancholia Frontcover

September Mourning: Melancholia

01. Go For The Throat
02. A Place To Call Your Own
03. Always
04. Fallen
05. Love Is War
06. Lost Angels
07. Crimson Skies
08. Seal Your Fate
09. Beyond The Grave
10. Last Embrace



New CD "Soul Saliva" (May 14th 2010).

The LoveCrave are back with a brand new album, “SOUL SALIVA”, a masterpiece of original modern rock with great personality and awesome songwriting.

After 3 years of hard work on the production the band is ready to take a higher flight with their original bursting sound that got much more compact, powerful and mature through the years, thanks to the tours, the festivals and the friendship that binds the musicians together in a very solid way.

With “Soul Saliva” The LoveCrave will show that no other band sounds like them and will bring you into their world like a hurricane!

Get ready to bleed with rough hard rock riffs and get ready to cry with magic sounds hanging from the sky, all of this is “Soul Saliva” !… deep, modern, angry …and rock!



The LoveCrave:

01. The Other You
02. And Scream
03. Warriors
04. Fade
05. Get Outta Here
06. Thriller
07. Your Fire
08. Leon's Lullaby
09. Tru Blood
10. Outsider




New CD "Malady" (May 28th 2010).

Ex-London, now Berlin based duo Noblesse Oblige was formed in early 2004 by Franco / German duo Sebastian and Valerie. Two years after the release of In Exile, Noblesse Oblige release their 3rd album Malady, an occult concept album that cites the visual mysticism of Kenneth Anger, Aleister Crowley’s storytelling, and the morbid melancholy of Christina Rossetti’s poetry.
The album’s title, inspired by Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s film Tropical Malady, a modern day ghost story set in the jungle of Thailand, symbolises the mental afflictions and dark temptations of the heart expressed in the album’s eerie tales of voodoo gods, soul electrification, and tropical fevers.
The Voodooreligion have been incorporated in many of the new songs while Valerie, who during her teenage years lived on the french carribean island of Martinique - one of the heartlands of voodo pratice - worked up her own memories of myths and stories told by the locals, including her voodo priestess neighbour. Fittingly, the production of the album also features several exotic ingredients such as timbales and ukulele in continuation of the band’s use of world music sounds, mixed with their tradional blend of kitsch and new wave theatricality - for as dark its subject matter is, Malady contains some Noblesse Oblige’s most melodic and poppy moments yet. Malady features N.O.’s most stripped down and acoustic production to date.




Noblesse Oblige: Malady

01. Morning Docks
02. The Great Electrifier
03. Beck and Call
04. Equinox
05. Moonchild
06. Tropical Fever
07. Lady with the Kazoo
08. Cracks on the Wall
09. When the Thunder Breaks Up Under
10. Zanzibar
11. Sambo
12. May they Come With Spears and Knives




New DVD "Live Execution '99" (June 4th 2010).
Rerelease of the VHS-Tape "Live Execution '99". This release is espcecially for the Funker Vogt fans, which always asked for a rerelease of this particular VHS-Tape on DVD. So here they get the original material, according to the standarts of that time. The recordings are over ten years old, and so don't expect something like warzone k17, but more a historic document. We have added even older footage as for example recordings from the Zillo Festival in 1998 in Hildesheim, which later turned into the today well known M'era Luna Festival. These footage was shot on s-vhs tapes, whereas the Live Execution Movie was already shot using mini-dv cams. But sill, the technical developement of the past 10 years is undeniable.




Live Execution '99:

Live Execution - The Movie
01.) Intro
02.) Fortunes of War
03.) Killing Fields
04.) International Killer
05.) Take Care
06.) Voices of the Dead
07.) Funker Vogt 2nd Unit
08.) Civil War
09.) Tragic Hero
10.) Words of Power
11.) You Can Win If You Want

Video-Clip: Gunman
15.08.1998 Hildesheim Zillo-Festival
01.) Gunman
02.) Killing Fields
03.) Thanks for Nothing
18.10.1998 Hamburg Logo
04.) Tragic Hero
05.) Voices of the Dead
29.04.2000 Hamburg, Markthalle
06.) Black Hole
07.) Maschine Zeit
25.01.2003 Magdeburg Factory
08.) Maschine Zeit
09.) The Last




New DVD "Show and Tell" (October 2nd 2009).
The Birthday Massacre has come along way since their inception in 2000. The Toronto based outfit continues to garner new fans worldwide not only in the industrial and electronic scenes, but the rock community as well. Their last album Walking With Strangers was a major hit for the band and resulted in countless touring opportunities, not only as openers (for bands such as Mindless Self Indulgence) but for their own headlining tours as well. The intensity of their live shows was captured on film in late 2007 in Hamburg, Germany. This footage has been assembled to make The Birthday Massacre ’s first ever live DVD, Show And Tell. Featuring 15 of their fan favorite tracks as well as their show intro “Before Dark,”plus many extra features. All concert features come in 5.1 mix and stereo as well. Besides the main feature, the club show in Hamburg there will be also live footage from the two festival appearances at M’era Luna Festival in 2005 and 2006, both again in 5.1 and stereo mix. Furthermore the DVD will contain an Interview with the band and a picture gallery. This collection will add another dimension to their already sizeable reputation. In addition to being essential listening for current fans of the band, this DVD is also a great introduction to the music of ‘The Birthday Massacre’ for those who have yet to check them out.



Live in Hamburg:

01. Before Dark (Intro)
02. Video Kid
03. Lovers End
04. Goodnight
05. Falling Down
06. Violet
07. Red Stars
08. Looking Glass
09. Remember Me
10. Unfamiliar
11. Walking with Strangers
12. Weekend
13. Horror Show
14. Kill The Lights
15. Blue
16. Happy Birthday

M’era Luna 2005
M’era Luna 2006
Picture Gallery



New Album "I hate God" (September 25th 2009).
After a long hiatus, NOVAkILL return in 2009 with their best album yet.
I Hate God builds upon the solid foundation laid by 2005’s Kill Everyone and their 2003 debut, Hard Tech for a Hard World, showcasing a more mature sound that has lost none of the edge of earlier releases. With new production methods and updated equipment, NOVAkILL deliver a cutting edge sound backed by strong song-writing. From the opening bassline of MISTAkENforGOD, the sound is instantly NOVAkILL. The album is so consistent it’s hard to pick stand-outs but DEMONIZER and weWORK are sure to be club favourites, whilst songs like CRUSADE, INCISE and eXterminate show a new-found accessibility and greater depth to
NOVAkILL’s repetoire, which leaves ULTRAkILL, bloodELEkTRIk and the Ultravox cover sleepWALk to continue the band’s tradition for stomping Cyberpunk. As usual, NOVAkILL offer a wealth of bonus material on the CD, including
the winners of their DEMONIZER remix competition, wallpaper images for your computer and phone and a VST instrument plugin, ULTRAkILLER, their
most sophisticated synth to date.



New Album "Privilege Entails Responsibility Re-Release" (September 25th 2009).
RepoRecords is happy to announce the international Re-Release of the Noblesse Oblige debut album Privilege Entails Responsibility.  Originally released in the UK only in 2006, this is the album that established Noblesse Oblige on the international Indie/Electro scene with early club hits such as Bitch, Daddy (Don’t Touch Me There) and Offensive Nonsense.This is the chance to re-discover the early music of one of the most unusual and exciting current European bands around, while the recording of the follow up album to IN EXILE is in progress and set to be released in early 2010.




New CD "Show and Tell" (May 8th 2009).
The Birthday Massacre has come along way since their inception in 2000. The Toronto based outfit continues to garner new fans worldwide not only in the industrial and electronic scenes, but the rock community as well. Their last album Walking With Strangers was a major hit for the band and resulted in countless touring opportunities, not only as openers (for bands such as Mindless Self Indulgence) but for their own headlining tours as well. The intensity of their live shows was captured on film in late 2007 in Hamburg, Germany. This footage has been assembled to make The Birthday Massacre ’s first ever live CD, Show And Tell. Featuring 15 of their fan favorite tracks as well as their show intro “Before Dark,” the CD provides an excellent platform for fans to reminisce about their live experiences, and for new fans to anticipate the next opportunity they have to see this exceptional band. A DVD version of Show And Tell will be released later this year.



New Album "In Exile" (September 19th 2008).
RepoRecords heartily welcomes its new signing "Noblesse Oblige". Ex-London, now Berlin based duo Noblesse Oblige was formed in early 2004 by Franco / German duo Sebastian and Valerie.  Their debut album Privilege Entails Responsibility, released to much critical acclaim in 2006 on Horseglue Records, comprises an eclectic mix of disco punk, sixties French chanson, military beats, transgressive folklore and raw acoustic ballads filled with lyrical wit and bad taste.



New Single/EP "Looking Glass" (May 2nd 2008).
The Birthday Massacre will be unleashing a new single upon the world on May 2nd, 2008. "Looking Glass" is the name of the new EP, featuring new tracks, remixes and the videoclip for "Looking Glass" in quicktime format! Total running time of this ep is over 30 minutes. 8 tracks and a videoclip. Never a band to fall short of expectations, The Birthday Massacre have once again surpassed the expected, and created an EP that outshines most albums.



CD "Walking With Strangers" (September 21. 2007)

"The Birthday Massacre" are working on their upcoming album since the beginning of the year. A first glimpse of the new material is possible on or Here one can listen to a rough-edit of the new song "Kill The Lights". Just recently, mid of may, the band went into the studio together with Dave "Rave" Ogilvie (NIN, Skinny Puppy, Marylin Manson) in Toronto. Finally they went to Vancouver with Dave to finalize the new CD "Walking with Strangers". The result are 12 excellent new songs. On the 21st of September, "Walking With Strangers" will hit the shops here in Europe via RepoRecords. The first Edition will be released as a Digi-Pak. So better be quick if you want to get the CD in a Digi-Pak Furthermore the Debut-CD "Nothing And Nowhere" will be released for the first time on CD in Europe via RepoRecords,soon. A Tour all over Europe is planned and in 2008 The Birthday Massacre can be seen on several of the big Open Air Festivals.



CD "Nothing and Nowhere" (Summer 2007)
Rerelease of the Debut from 2002. Features 5 unreleased tracks and 4 rare version of songs from "Violet". Soon coming the brand new album of The Birthday Massacre.