Gerrit Thomas, one of the masterminds behind Funker Vogt and Ravenous, formed FICTIONAL in the late 1990's to create a hybrid between the two bands. The project forged high energy music similar to Funker Vogt with vocal styles of Ravenous to make a pounding, non-stop electro mix that is entirely contagious.

Zoth Ommog released Fictional's first album, Fictitious, shortly thereafter. Comprised of ten explosive tracks, Fictional quickly became a dance floor favorite. With the exception of two tracks sung by Tim Fockenbrock (Ravenous), "Blue Lights" and "Dream of God", Gerrit did all of the music and vocals for Fictitious. Intense synths and keyboard melodies are strung throughout the tracks with insatiable beats and poppy vocals. "Blue Lights" yeilded to be the most popular track off of the album, and is still getting continued club play. Unfortunately, due to the demise of the Zoth Ommog label, Fictitious has become extremely rare and in high demand. Fictional

Including work on Fictitious, Gerrit has also done remixes under the name Fictional for such bands as Decoded Feedback, Leaether Strip, Melotron, Merge, and several others. Other band projects include the afformentioned Funker Vogt and Ravenous, along with Fusspils 11. 

After a long break, Gerrit began working on a follow-up to the debut in 2000. This time, with a new singer from Scotland, Jason Bainbridge, Fictional began an evolution. One of their first tracks was a cover of the Pet Shop Boys song "Opportunities", which can be heard on Dancing Ferret Record's Pet Shop Boys cover album, Very Introspective, Actually. Fictional's second CD is still being formulated, and will be released 2002 on Metropolis Records. Until then, a new version of Fictitious is availble on Metropolis Records. 

The 2001 release of Fictitious [+] features new artwork and two bonus tracks. The supplimental live tracks were recorded during Fictional's first and only show, ever, in Orlando, Florida at Das Maschine, featuring Tim Fockenbrock on vocals. 

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2001: "Fictitious +" (Digital Release)

2003: "Fiction" (CD Repo006)