The sulphurous, vitriolic and corroded copper smoke that arose slowly, killed every living thing in its vicinity. Many people died of poisoning and even today, many lakes and forests around Falun, Sweden lie dead and full of toxins.

Shaped by this historic industrial environment Gabriella Åström (Vocals & Synth), Tobias Andersson (Synth & Guitar) and Jonas Martinsson (Drums) formed the electro-pop band ME THE TIGER back in 2012.


The band represents a driven, full of energy and melancholy electronica with a focus on strong choruses. ME THE TIGER is the next generation of electronic music, the vitriolic wind of change in the deadlocked electronic music scene.

The lyrics as well as the band’s message are a central part of ME THE TIGER. In the days when individualism thrives, the band wants to highlight the solidarity values and contribute to a fairer and warmer society:

Supporting ME THE TIGER means, not only that you get strong electro-pop in a heart piercing sound on the new album Vitriolic, and a frantic, energetic live show that affects anyone. You also support a strong, conscious and just voice in society.2015-6-mt-1WEB

ME THE TIGER is 50% music and 50% social responsibility!

“Stand up for your beliefs and values, even in public. Otherwise, society will crumble from within. We live together and we have a common responsibility to take care of each other - regardless of class, ethnicity or gender.”

What Promises Are Worth”, the first lead single, taken from the forthcoming album “Vitriolicis a pure electronic anthem about struggling with relationships, feeling love and to be finally left alone. A solid club hit, accompanied by a beautiful video- clip.


The new album “Vitriolicis packed with powerful and lovely dance songs like “As We Really Are”, Myheroineor Like Feathers, hypnotic beats as in Headlinesand dreamful ballads like “2013, It’s Finally Over” and “Dreams”.

ME THE TIGER and Vitriolicare dangerous and they will contaminate your ears and the dance-floors in the clubs, just like the toxic copper mines in the semi-sleepy town of Falun in the middle of Sweden.



07.08.2015 “What Promises Are Worth” - Online-EP

04.09.2015 “Vitriolic” - Album-CD